Please read the 'FAQ' page and the instructions below to ensure you are a good candidate for a Brow Rejuvenation procedure.


A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 is required to reserve your appointment time. All upcoming micro-blading  appointments can be selected and reserved through our online booking platform.


Note: If you do not have a credit card to reserve the appointment time, please view all upcoming appointments through our online booking platform, then text or call us with details of your preferred appointment date and time. Appointments cannot be held until an electronic funds transfer is received.  


48 hours notice is required to reschedule your appointment (no exceptions.) Appointments rescheduled within 48 hours are subject to a $100 re-booking fee. This fee is not to penalize, but to account for the respective time reserved. Deposits are non-transferrable and will not be refunded for any reason. Thank you for your courtesy and understanding.



If you have visible existing pigment from another tattoo artist, you must book a consultation prior to your procedure appointment. 

Due to natural scabbing, your brows will appear darker and bolder than the healed result for 10 days following the procedure. 


Children and pets not permitted.  


For Women: You may be significantly more sensitive during your menstrual cycle. It is ideal to plan around your cycle.

Please feel welcome to bring some photos of eyebrows you like and/or wear your usual eyebrow make-up to your appointment.

While waiting for the topical anesthetic to take effect, there will be a 20 minute waiting period.




- Ensure you have eaten a meal (to stabilize blood sugar.)

- Avoid caffeine for a minimum of 6 hours pre-session (increases bleeding/decreases retention.)

- Do not tan or have sunburned face.

- No Retin-A, blood thinners, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 48 hours before procedure.

- No alcohol the day of the procedure (increases bleeding/inhibits healing.)

- No waxing or tinting within 3 days before.


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