Brow tattoo is applied to enhance the natural eyebrow shape, symmetry, and colour; a custom eyebrow design to complement your unique facial features.

Save time, money, and worry by choosing a semi-permanent eyebrow solution.


You and the artist will collaboratively work together to create your ideal eyebrows. A pigment colour is selected with the guidance of the artist. Topical anaesthetic is then applied to the eyebrow area. After 20 minutes of numbing, the procedure will begin. Anaesthetic is reapplied throughout the procedure. You can expect a low to moderate level of discomfort.

Micro-Blading: A manual method of tattoo that uses a tiny row of needles to implant fine hair-like strokes of pigment. This is the most natural style of cosmetic tattoo brows.

Ombre: This technique uses a machine to implant pigment to create a crisp or soft outline of an eyebrow. This style of cosmetic tattoo brow looks more like make-up

Hybrid Micro-Blading + Shading: This method uses a combination of the above techniques and can be applied to create various styles of eyebrows.

NOTE: Please ensure you have read the Cosmetic Tattoo FAQ before scheduling a consultation or procedure appointment.  


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