Q: How long will my cosmetic tattoo last?


A: The pigment deposited in your skin will fade with time. The amount of time is unique to your body chemistry, lifestyle, skincare, and treatment area. It is estimated that your cosmetic tattoo/micro-pigmentation can last 1-5 years. Lighter pigment colours will fade faster than dark pigment colours. Oily skin will expel pigment faster than dry skin. Sun exposure drastically increases rate of colour fading.



Q: Do I need to schedule consultation prior to booking my procedure?


A: If you have previous cosmetic tattoo on the proposed treatment area, or are planning areola or camouflage tattoo please schedule a consultation before booking any procedure appointments; otherwise, consultations are optional for those who are unsure about booking the procedure. During the procedure appointment, your artist works with you to carefully design your cosmetic tattoo with your approval at every stage in the process.



Q: How old do I need to be to have a cosmetic tattoo procedure?


A: You must be 19 years of age or older.

Q: Can I get an eyeliner tattoo if I have eyelash extensions?


A: You must remove all existing lash extensions minimum 3 days prior to your tattoo session. Lash extensions may be reapplied 10 days after your session; however, it is recommended to keep them off until 10 days after your touch-up session.



Q: Can I go to work the next day?


A: Yes. Your cosmetic tattoo will appear slightly darker and bolder than the desired outcome during the healing process; however, the appearance is rarely noticeable besides a visible sheen from the thin layer of vaseline you are required to wear as part of the aftercare instructions.



Q: Can I wear my make up to my appointment?


A: Yes! Depending on the treatment area, some of it will be removed prior to tattooing. 



Q: Can I have a lip tattoo if I have cold sores?


A: If you have EVER had a cold sore/fever blister/herpes on your mouth, you MUST obtain a Zovirox/Valtrex prescription from your doctor. Start the prescription 3 days before your procedure appointment and continue 4 days after. Failure to pre-medicate may result in an outbreak which will compromise your healed results.



Q: Is the procedure painful?


A: Topical anaesthetics are applied before and throughout the procedure; however, some people may experience mild to moderate discomfort. 



Q: Am I a candidate for micro-blading/semi-permenant make up/cosmetic tattoo/micro-pigmentation?


A: This service is NOT recommended for any person who is/has:


- Pregnant or nursing.

- Diabetic (consult your doctor.)

- Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor.)

- Viral infection and/or disease.

- Epilepsy.

- A Pacemaker or major heart problem.

- Had an Organ transplant.

- Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)

- Sick (cold, flu, etc.)

- Used Accutane in the past year.


Q: Is micro-blading/semi-permanent make up/cosmetic tattoo/micro-pigmentation the same as a body tattoo?


A: No. Although both are forms of tattoo. Our micro-blading/semi-permanent make up/cosmetic tattoo/micro-pigmentation artists use iron-oxide based pigment that lasts approximately 1-5 years.


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