Enhance your symmetry and refine your features with the finest form of cosmetic tattoo: micro-blading!


After precise measurement and design, pigment is deposited into the skin creating the illusion of individual hairs. This technique, also referred to as feathering, produces undetectable, natural looking results.


Your new brows will be designed to flatter your facial features, without looking harsh or fake. Say goodbye to brow powders, pencils, and pomade, and hello to effortless beautiful brows. 

Your Touch-Up Session:


Also referred to as the perfecting session. This appointment must be scheduled 4 -16 weeks after your first session. 


At your follow-up session, we assess the healed pigment colour and shape. Areas that healed without colour will be touched up and minor shape or colour adjustments can be made if desired. 


Please reserve up to 2 hours for your follow-up session.

Healed results vary for each individual.

You may require additional sessions for optimal results.


Cosmetic tattoo treatments, including micro-blading procedures require at least two sessions for full results.


Your First Session:


Topical anesthetic is applied and left on the treatment area for 20 minutes. You will then select a shade of pigment with the direction of your artist. 

After the anesthetic process, your new brows are meticulously designed using regular brow pencil until improved symmetry and the preferred shape is achieved. The design process is entirely collaberative and must meet your approval before the procedure begins. 

Anesthetic is reapplied throughout the procedure for your utmost comfort. 


You are welcome to have your brows waxed or threaded up to 3 days before this appointment.

Please reserve up to 3 hours for your first session.

I LOVE my new brows omg I woke up with brows and it was the best thing ever! Thank you again!!"

Teresa C.

Victoria, British Columbia

My sister had this done. Her brows look amazing! Looks very natural. Great job! She finally has brows now! Lol"

Gloria T.

Victoria, British Columbia

Two people have told me I have perfect eyebrows this week!"

Hayley N.

Victoria, British Columbia

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