Q: How often will I need to get my gel nail enhancements maintained?


A:   Regular maintenance is very important. The length of time between fills varies from person to person; however most people need to come in once a month (every 3 weeks.) If you wish to stop having your nails on, please allow a professional remove them. To protect the natural nail, artificial nails should NEVER be ripped, pried, bitten, or grown off. 



Q: Can two of us get our nails done together?


A:   At this time there is only one nail artist at Victoria Rose Cosmetic.



Q: Do artificial nail enhancements damage my natural nails?


A: When applied, maintained, and removed correctly, artificial nails will cause no permanent damage to the natural nail. It is important to have your artificial nail enhancement services done by a certified professional. 



Q: Is acrylic highly toxic compared to gel?


A: No. This is a myth. Gel and acrylic products share very similar chemical compositions; both products are acrylates. The main difference being how the product cures. Neither gel nor acrylic products are toxic. In fact, there is a law in Canada (s. 16 of the Food and Drugs Act)  that prohibits the sale of any cosmetic that may cause injury to the health of the user.



Q: What's better - sculptured gel or acrylic?


A: The answer is neither! Personal preference comes into play; however, the quality of a nail enhancement is all about the skill and talent of the nail artist. 


Q: Should I give my natural nails a 'break' and let them 'breathe'?


A: This is unnecessary. The portion of the natural nail being buffed during regular artificial nail maintenance is virgin nail; therefore, there is no difference between applying a new set to natural nails and filling in nail new growth. The oxygen required by the nail matrix comes from the blood stream; it is not absorbed through the nail plate.



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